’s Sweetest Promotion Yet

Casino fans looking for even more reason to buckle down at will get exactly that this month, all while satisfying their own inner sweet tooth. With the Choose Your Candy promotion scheduled for the weeks between May 18 and June 7, bettors will get the chance to pile onto their accounts with four separate match bonuses ranging from $315 to $420.

 Picture yourself alone in a hallway standing in front of a towering vending machine. You feel the glow of the flickering fluorescent light above you and the hum of the machine as it keeps its delicious chocolate at just the perfect temperature. If the experience is at all familiar, then you’ll already know that the best part of eating treats like these is choosing what to eat in the first place.

 With the Choose Your Candy promotion, online casino bettors will pick one of the four chocolate bars eligible as a bonus option and each comes with its own properties. Should a bettor claim the Prairie Milk prize, they’ll enjoy a 145% match bonus, up to a total of $362. That means if you deposit $200 into your account, will top you up with an additional $362. Who said candy was bad for you?

 Of course Prairie Milk isn’t the only choice available. A bar like Slickers comes with a match bonus of 120% but can be exploited up to $420. More information on all of the options is ready and waiting for those with a growing appetite but, like at the vending machine we described above, there really is no wrong option anyway.

 The logistics of the promotion are simple – all you have to do is choose the bonus code associated with the prize of choice and then redeem that code when depositing money into their account. A total of four choices will be available for the duration of the promotion, so don’t be afraid to try more than one.

 Ultimately, of course, only one of the four options can be taken first so do some soul searching to truly understand what the best choice is. Will you take the chocolate bar that you’ve been obsessed with since you were a child? Maybe target one with a specific match bonus percentage or total limit?

 You’ll get to all of them eventually, but there’s something special about choosing just the right candy at just the right time.

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