Player Won Over 3 Million Dollars on Mega Moolah

Big things happened at the  29 online casinos at Casino Rewards this month, with big winners and huge payouts. Among the most notable ones was a winner who won $3,905,087 from playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot machine.

The player, who goes by G.M., managed to align the online slot game’s reels with a $1.25 bet, and won the big jackpot, making him the 3rd largest winner at the Casino Rewards’ network of online casinos.

Recently,  player ‘A.F’ won the Major Millions $1,009,402 jackpot; A.D. won €3,841,871 from a 50 cent bet on Mega Moolah; while K.E. won $5,556,753 with a 50 cent bet as well.

Unlike regular jackpots that have a fixed maximum sum that can be won or lost, Progressive Jackpots such as Mega Moolah rise whenever a player wager a bet. This means that the total jackpot amount will keep increasing until one lucky player aligns the correct reel combination to win the entire jackpot. What makes Mega Moolah unique and perhaps explains its huge popularity is the fact that even after a jackpot payout, the jackpot  is reset to $1,000,000 so that there is enough money to be won at any time.

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