Mad Scientist Returns Better Than Ever!

You log on to your favorite campus computer to play slots online, failing to notice that down the hall in a mysterious laboratory, a frazzled scientist works furiously in a closed laboratory. Normally you wouldn’t pay any attention, but today you’re looking for an adventure.

You creep over to the door to catch a peek. The man speaks softly to himself over a Bunsen Burner, whispering maniacally about discovering the secret of alchemy. He stops when he notices you watching.

At Casinos, you will meet Walter Prescott, the protagonist of the hit 3D slot game Mad Scientist. He was so popular that the game developers decided to make him a sequel – Madder Scientist. You can find both games at, but the real fun lies in the eerie backstory and the bonuses within.

Prescott calls out to you through the doorway, beckoning for you to come closer. You hesitate, but eventually approach.

Both Mad Scientist and Madder Scientist are straightforward games in which you can utilize your own slot strategies, but the bonuses set them apart from other slot games.

Prescott twitches nervously while you approach his work station, you notice various gold objects strewn about his work bench.

In Mad Scientist, Prescott discovers how to turn objects into gold. In Madder Scientist he’s back from a stint in a psych ward and ready for more.

For both online games, you come in as a glorified lab assistant, so you get to observe Prescott work his magic first hand. It’s a lucrative although somewhat scary job, and it comes with the ever-present chance of walking away with an armload of gold.

With dishevelled hair and a devilish look on his face, Prescott shows you what he’s capable of. He asks you to choose an item for him to turn into gold, and you hand him the only thing left untouched on the desk before you… a carrot.

Mad Scientist and Madder Scientist are more than just spin to win games. The bonuses available include everything from Tesla Coil Wild’o’Cution and the Great Experiment Bonus in Mad Scientist, to a game altering series of carrots in Madder Scientist that you won’t want to miss. Sometimes you just have to trust the crazy man in the lab coat, even if it means stepping into a weird and wild world.

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