Beautiful New Additions Showcase Impressive Slot Technology

May 28, 2015

A trio of new games have arrived in’s online slot library of casino games, none of which you’ll want to miss. Whether you’re in the mood to have your fortune read by a psychic or to win a Wild West shootout, you can do this from the comfort of home.

The online slot game True Sheriff is a vintage western through and through. From the moment you spin your first reel to the time you decide to cash out, you’ll enjoy a beautiful atmosphere like any casinos that any cowboy fan will instantly appreciate.

Listen to the birds chirping in the seemingly peaceful southwest and call to service your trusty steed before you head out to lasso a big win. With some of the best textures and graphics available, you’ll want to check out the amount of effort and technology put behind this must-play game.

Of course the action-packed drama of a Wild West thriller isn’t for everyone. Gypsy Rose is another game that raises the bar for slot machine aesthetics. The game developers understand that our top priority is in the mechanics and bonuses, but the focus on esthetics rounds out the experience.

With a carnival inspired soundtrack, Gypsy Rose pulls out all the stops to paint an ominous atmosphere. Think you know what your future has in store? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have wandered past the curtains to track down this world famous psychic.

Both Gypsy Rose and True Sheriff function as modern 3D slot machines with wild symbols and unique bonus scenes, and minimal learning curve is required despite the impressive visuals.

Perhaps the best part about both releases is the fact that the slot games are available on mobile. You can enjoy the thrills from any device you have on hand.

In addition to Gypsy Rose and True Sheriff, the archive is happy to add More Gold Diggin, a gold rush themed masterpiece that blends the charm of a light-hearted miner with the beauty of a Pixar film.

The game mechanics of More Gold Diggin are a little different from the other two in that winning lines explode and disappear, allowing the symbols above them to fall in to place. If you’ve played any online jewel collecting game previously, the unique approach will feel quite natural.

It’s a good day when new games arrive at, so set some time aside to enjoy it.

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